I saw fairies (and why it matters)

On the final day of our Sacred Scotland Tour, a 12 day pilgrimage across the holy isle, something happened. I experienced an impossible moment I’d been wishing for since I was a five year old girl – harking back to Ontario summers reading books like The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables. 

girl in pink bohemian dress reading in the forest in Scotland bohemian boho chic style scotland fairy

Here’s my true story of encounters with the fae folk, and the deeper revelation for you and me of why telling our magic experiences is healing the planet.

We were hiking up a special mountain with a core of quartz crystals. Mount Schiehallion has child size crystals jutting out of the ground. And that´s just at the base of the mountain. By the time we hiked three hours up to the summit, there were so many fields of stones it looked like God´s crystal shop. I was exhausted and in awe. 

Mount Schiehallion Scotland fairy crystal mountain.

For the final hour I decided to let the group go ahead and found myself alone in the Scottish highlands. I paused for a water break and to admire a meadow of bright yellow flowers to my left. A fellow straggler walked past me, her face shining with extraordinary light and she said, 

Can you hear it? The singing, the bells!

And with that she walked on. I couldn’t hear anything but I believed other kingdoms, like the elemental kingdom of nymphs and flower fairies, were a thin veil away. So I took a pause, relaxed my heart into stillness and opened my ears to hear what they could hear. Just like that, as natural as leaves rustling in the breeze, I heard chimes. Fairy chimes, and the giggles of children at play.

I squinted my eyes once more, and relaxed my vision as I’d been taught by wizard mentors in Tulum, in hopes to see fairies dancing amidst the flowers. Nothing appeared. It was as if I could see shimmers and feel their tiny shapes gallivanting but that was it. I relaxed further, with a sigh, accepting the honour to be near at all.

Suddenly a bumblebee bee fired up his engine to my right. I looked down and the fattest most jolly bee I’d ever seen was hard at work pollinating some purple crocuses. What a jolly resident of the fairy crystal mountain! Like an animated furr ball of fluff, it seemed like a miracle that this aircraft carrier of a bee was flying on slivers of gossamer wings at all. I laughed out loud then…

BZZZ! Without warning a new creature dodged three times back and forth in front of my face before speeding away. My mouth dropped open in shock. In that split second what I saw looked like a tiny face similar to the animation of {antz) a green blue hued triangle shaped face with eyes. I saw dragonfly wings and a slim body.

What the…? Did I just see a fairy?! I asked myself in shock and awe? My inner child was sure of it and my adult mind doubted it. It wasn´t until I got home to CAIM retreat centre that I got double confirmation. Two more miracles were loading…

Miracle 2.

When I walked into my shared bedroom, the same friend who had attuned me to the fairy bells and sprite children songs, had left a casual surprise on the bed. Whether she meant to leave it for me or not I still don’t know. It was an oracle deck called Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish. 

Dragonfae! I sat on the bed and held it in shock. Dragonflies that were fairies?

I had never heard of such a creature yet from what I gathered, I had just seen one in real life! I opened the box and one by one, the images on the oracle cards presented in full color what I had merely glimpsed on the crystal mountain hours earlier.

In an instant on the fairy crystal mountain everything had changed for that spell. What a relief, I hadn’t made it up. But the doubts still lingered. Until later that night…

Miracle 3.

CAIM retreat centre in Perthshire, Scotland has a wood fire heated hot tub. It gets so damn hot we had to be careful not to boil ourselves like frogs (more on that metaphor below). I wasn’t accustomed to long hikes over rugged terrain so the starlit night and hot tub was a massive delight. Two of my fellow pilgrims and our hosts Shannon and Rory were in the tub too. Nothing but starlight and a red infrared glow lit up the surrounding forest.

I exhaled and looked up then. BZZZZ!! Just like on the mountain an audible, tangible creature flew into sight, flashed right and left for a moment one foot above my head. Then it flew off into the night.

I sat up and splashed water everywhere! Did you see that? Another dragon fae! I exclaimed. Fae is short for fairy. They all had their eyes closed in quiet meditation so ..while nobody corroborated my vision they felt the truth of it.

Rory was particularly moved at the presence of the fae. He and Shannon were building a world class retreat centre at the gateway to the Scottish highlands, rather than moving to Bali or Tulum, they chose to serve as a beacon of light right there in their ancestral land. And he took the fae as a blessing and affirmation of their work. Approved by the elemental kingdom! 

CAIM welcome to CAIM retreat centre in Scotland. Emily Bauman featured retreat host and creative queen.

Being willing to serve as ambassador for wonder and spokesperson for miracles can feel uncomfortable at first. Especially to the mainstream world.

And there’s a good reason for that. 

If you look around, you may notice a lot of self-censorship happening inside men and women’s minds when faced with miracles, magical and inexplicable things. We self edit our experiences and slap on mental muzzles of disbelief due to the need to appear sane. Does that resonate with you?

It’s as if everyone is constantly in a job interview mode, needing to present a socially affirmed competent face. It can feel dangerous to expose otherworldly beliefs because this world may stop taking us seriously. People who aren’t sane and serious aren’t trusted with things like jobs so money. At least up until now. So literal survival can feel at odds with chatting with fairy folk and telling your email community about it.

There’s a deeper layer too. This is key

Snap of me (Emily) in nymph mode greeting some unconvinced sheep in the Outer Hebrides Islands, Scotland

The witch wound or mage wound comes into play. Have you heard of the witch wound? 

In brief, if you buy into the idea that our souls are eternal and choose to have more than one human experience in the school of earth, there is a high chance you had an experience like this:

You were once an innocent child, born into a lovely village. You grow and discover your attunement with nature, its spirits and your healing abilities. Maybe you could talk telepathically to wolves or kangaroos. You knew which plants could kill and which gave energy by asking them what they do. Innocently you display your abilities when they are required of the village. Those connections between invisible kingdoms are not understood by fellow humans who are alarmed. One day major alarm bells ring and the authorities of the day kill you from fear, to protect themselves.

In more positive timelines you were simply allocated the appropriate role of shaman, someone with a more direct phone line to the mysteries beyond the hard fabric of everyday matter. Still then, you felt isolated and alone because the community did not have ears to listen to your messages.

A snap of me (Emily) in Scotland reading fairy tales. Wearing a Wild Angels dress.

The point is, many of us carry imprinted memories of being magical yet misunderstood. And even killed..sometimes over and over in a quest to get people to wake up to their own magic. The world wasn’t ready but it still stings. Perhaps a part of you is resentful, a part of you remembers. Up to ten million women were burned over the two hundred years of the witch trials in Europe. And that’s just one era.

These memories are not mental, they are like tattoos on our subconscious. There but not in front of mind.  Sometimes I think of these memories – of which I have more than a few – like data in the Akashic library card we carry around as a Soul Self. Do you remember library cards too?

Maybe I’m dating myself..and I’ve already had a rich life, so I’m 36, don’t mind saying it one bit!

The most beautiful thing about seeing fairies on the mountain in Scotland and talking openly about the story with you now is that it represents a turning point for me personally and also as a collective. Coming out of the closet with our practical magic is healing the planet.

I finally feel safe talking about my otherworldly experiences. At last! I worked for years under governments where I couldn’t even talk about my political opinions without being fired. Talk about censorship. Speaking openly about magic or multi-dimensionality, even on my personal Instagram account or email, would have gotten me a psych evaluation and rescinding my top secret security status faster than you can say river nymph. That was just 10 years ago!

Today I’m not afraid of social rejection, family ridicule or online labels that come with casual magic. Seeing devas, nature spirits, talking with trees is all part of my normal reality. As is being able to see people’s unwritten books hanging out in their auras. It makes me giddy to admit, I’m designed as a bridge between various kingdoms (Gene Key 19) and the best part?

I’m far from alone. The world is riding a wave into a new reality, all together, where the veil between kingdoms is being dissolved again. Animal kingdom, plant kingdom, mineral kingdom. Reuniting!

Shadow of Co-Dependence – The Great Change

Co-dependence is relying on others for our primary sense of validation and fulfillment. When codependency or attachment runs our reality, the changes of others can shake the core of our emotional foundation. The reason we are so easily manipulated is because of our attachments and co-dependence. We agree unconsciously to support each other’s illusions.  Eventually, we will learn to stand alone.  Which means we will have to break our co-dependence with everything around us.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys, Key 19

Can you feel magic returning to the world too? Can you feel a new willingness to stand alone and declare who you fully are, in all your multi-dimensional truth, out loud?

Looking around, I see more and more:

  • people having psychic abilities come online, 
  • People talking with trees, plants, and crystals like they are cosmic USB keys
  • children are born with intuition turned on full blast, 
  • and telepathy between close friends, pets and partners is a casual norm.

Like frogs in a pan with the heat slowly being turned up, we are being cooked to a new form of human expression. Forgive the slightly morbid metaphor, it just seemed to fit the gradual alchemy of the situation.

And we must die to our old fears, cook them out of us, in order to have chats like this. In order to build lives like this!

I saw fairies and I’m not afraid to admit it. It turns out, the witch wound and mage wound are self healing now.

If you’re having your own coming out party as a magically attuned person, feel free to reply to this email! It can be a physically felt intuition without any visuals, and it still counts. 

I’m alive in part to demonstrate that psychics and mystics are no longer fringe weirdos. We can all have flourishing, grounded businesses like fashion companies and marketing agencies, be met as reliable people and also connect with mystical kingdoms effortlessly.

It is no longer dangerous to show your magic. And I was sober when I saw the fairies on mount Schiehallion. You can be too.

Thank you for showing up as the genuine full you, even 1% more each day. Before I sign off, here is one more nugget of wisdom from Richard Rudd, and Gene Key 19 from the book The Gene Keys.

Summer Solstice Sun, Mount Schiehallion, Scotland

A new spiritual paradigm is currently being birthed – that is infinite in terms of its playful explorations and adventures.  This future path is about playing in, and exploring all the realms.  It’s why we’re here.  We’re explorers.  We are immortal, eternal voyageurs of consciousness – and we are all ONE.  This is where the magical thinking, from our ancestors, from the indigenous peoples, suddenly comes alive again within this new framework. And then we can honour them, instead of pushing them aside.  Imagine That! 

Richard Rudd

Beaming you loads of sunshine and gratitude for your presence here,

Emily in Mexico

P.S. In case you are eager for an ancestral awakening of your own or deeper connection to Celtic lands and Druid traditions, the leader of the Sacred Scotland Tour, Ryan McKennah, is opening enrolments for the next tour here: www.sacredscotlandtour.com

Emily Bauman conscious writing coach and book doula based in Tulum Mexico

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