Magnetic Branding: Find Your Soul-Essence Personality

Ready to live from your soul-aligned brand that books clients magnetically because it’s just so damn you?

Imagine for a moment that instead of scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration or looking around on Instagram at templates, or other people’s success stories, you did one better.

Can you imagine you dove into discover your own soul essence, its colours, textures, sounds and style and created your projects from that place? I believe it’s time we all live by the ingenious personal design we came to earth with… and express it as as brand. I mean, doesn’t that sound delightful?

Let’s dive in to how energetic branding works. Branding oracle Juliana Celeste is an expert to show us the way. In this video with Emily Bauman, she even offers a guided meditation to get you there.

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In this video interview, copywriting queen Emily Bauman interviews energy branding master Juliana Celeste who introduces key energy branding concepts and offers a guided meditation to connect you to your soul essence. Learn about the hidden links between branding success and nervous system regulation. To dive deeper into clarity for your business and soul calling, ensure you have a brand that feels like home to the authentic halls of your soul.

This chat was part of the Five Days to Flourish 2023 Challenge Emily hosted to launch the year with verve. Over 60 motivated individuals tuned in from places like Hawaii, Scotland, LA, Egypt, Haiti, Mexico and Australia for timeless wisdom from a series of expert guest speakers.

What a ride! Thanks for your commitment to flourish from the inside out.

Ready to Keep Going? Click here for Our Day 3 Challenge Replay: Feel Invincible Energy. You’ll learn quick energy hygiene practices to meet big goals on repeat.

Femme Fouders by Emily Bauman

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Emily Bauman conscious writing coach and book doula based in Tulum Mexico

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