How to Become A Fearless Speaker in 30 Minutes or Less

Milestone Moments with Emily Bauman, if you’re the fast forward type (no judgment):
6.12 – Transform doubt forever
12.05 – How does fear show up in your own body?
13.33 – Walk through fear re-calibration scenario
18.52 – Fear antidote, inviting people into your humanity
22.22 – You as the chalice, purpose re-pattern moment
24.55 – Email marketing metrics, illusion or heart
29.39 – Who is your one person?
31.57 – Journal prompts for fearless public speaking
45.42 – invitation to join Femme Founders live group course for clarity, copywriting and clients.

What next? Join a group of like-minded women applying energy hygiene practices to flourish in life and business, while living from their zone of genius. Experience it at all together my world premiere of Femme Founderes, the 10 week live guided copywriting and personal clarity course.

Femme Fouders by Emily Bauman. Copywriting clarity for women entrepreneurs, healers and new era leaders

Register for Emily´s live 10 week program Femme Founders ☝️ and learn how to break free from copy and paste culture, write with authentic clarity that attracts soul clients faster, and get so clear on your gifts you feel alive with purposeguaranteed.

Ready for More Challenge Replay Videos? Click to Watch Watch Day 5. Get Global Press Features With this Prep Checklist, Featuring Christina Victoria, CEO of Archer Adams and Luxury Course Academy.

Emily Bauman conscious writing coach and book doula based in Tulum Mexico

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