Do I create my reality?

To answer the age-old question “Am I the architect of my reality?” we will contemplate another question. 

What is Dharma?

Richard Rudd author of The Genes Keys says, “There are forces beyond our lives that set the rules, that choreograph the tapestry of our lives.”

In India the ancients called this Dharma, the unique pattern and flow of your destiny. 

And your dharma unravels as you live.

It brings you good fortune and it also brings you challenges.

Every starseed has a choice. Will you…

Option 1. Act like you’re in charge of your destiny and live in delusion.

Option 2. Accept that there are grand forces writing the big storyline of your life…you get to write the script!

That may sound harsh yet it is necessary to unfold your highest timelines. 

When you act like you’re in charge, when you pretend you’re trying to control the storyline of your life then the spirit of arrogance and insecurity are getting the upper hand. At the root of the need to be in charge, similar to the need for public recognition, fame and fortune lies a single question, “How can I feel secure?” 

But it’s the wrong question.

Aiming to feel secure and in control feeds an illusion and only leads to spiritual sickness and further pain as your dharma course-corrects you home to your true storyline. That’s never a fun chapter. You are always safe, and always protected and held.

A much better guiding question than “How can I feel secure and in control of my life?” is “How can I be in greatest service to the whole?”

That’s the new master question we are planting like a seed in the collective now so it may grow and bear fruit in the next generation. Will you ask it and let it guide you?

Many people are afraid of submitting to the idea of destiny or Dharma because it feels like giving up. It can seem like floating on your back on a lake your whole life when you’d rather be surfing some wicked waves and getting seen doing it.

The beautiful paradox is that dancing with your dharma doesn’t make you powerless or complacent at all. 

It’s like acknowledging the dance partner God/Source set you up with, and then freestyling the most wonderful tango the world has ever seen. 

And there’s another piece of the cosmic puzzle to consider here, karma.

Our karma is in our hands. Karma is how we respond to our dharma as it presents itself. This is why it is true that we do create our realities!

Even if we don’t get to choose the story arc and genre, we do get to write the script. Even if we don’t pick the song we get to choreograph the dance. 

We always choose how we think, feel, respond and experience the play unfolding in our day to day reality. That is what we are creating…our whole entire experience, from first to last breath and every moment in between. If we respond to our life circumstances with wishing it were different, complaining, or feeling overwhelmed, and dissatisfied then we create that life experience and it’s our script. It’s our life experience and our truth sounds like:

Life stays a struggle, finances are up and down, I can’t seem to drop these twenty pounds, relationships are never truly satisfying and work isn’t fulfilling.

Yet if we choose to respond to our story arc of life – both good fortune and challenges – with love, acceptance and humour then we feel powerful, we shine, and other people will be uplifted by the movies of our lives. 

The truth is, recognizing we are the architects of our reality makes us leap forward permanently out of the residue of victimhood and disempowerment. But it’s just one step, it’s not the whole life picture!

After we start taking credit for our work, the felt-experience and stories we tell about our life, a second step is required. Surrender to the larger forces at work.

Starseeds walking their highest path learn to surrender over and over again to the wondrous and unfathomably spectacular magic working on our behalf. It blesses us with challenges to grow, and intoxicating blessings to affirm our life-giving connection to the all-that-is-love we can never truly come to know.

Which choice will you make now, dear Starseed?

Will you pretend like you’re in charge of your destiny?

Or will you accept that there are grand forces writing the big storyline of your life, bringing you opportunities, relationships and circumstances far beyond your wildest dreams..and you were hired to write the script!

Life circumstances can’t rock you off centre when you’ve got your eye on the big story-arc of your life, and you stay open to dancing your best dance every day, come what may.

It’s time to ask, “How can my gifts be of greatest service to the whole?”

Then watch what you experience as your reality!

That feeling of waking up daily to a flood of invincible joy, feeling drenched in inspiration from invisible and eternal wellsprings, and completely on-fire to spread your unique gifts to benefit the whole…that is what I see coming for you. That reality is available to you no matter where you are today. It can become your new baseline, and nothing less will do!

The choice remains always in your hands.

Excerpt from upcoming book, “Messages to Starseeds”

by Emily D. Bauman

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