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To answer the age-old question “Am I the architect of my reality?” we will contemplate another question.  What is Dharma? Richard Rudd author of The Genes Keys says, “There are forces beyond our lives that set the rules, that choreograph the tapestry of our lives.” In India the ancients called this Dharma, the unique pattern […]

Do I create my reality? Excerpt from the book Messages for Starseeds by Emily D Bauman. Why am I here? How did I get here? What is my purpose?

Do I create my reality?

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If you’ve ever wondered if you could write a book as a non-writer…trust me you can! Some of my book doula clients are dyslexic and are on their second or third published masterpieces.

Read on to learn one of the powerful 7 step systems I harness as a professional book doula.

How to Write a Book When You’re Not a Writer

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Ever wonder how to feel invincible energy and keep it flowing on repeat? You´re about to learn easy energy hygiene practices to go from stressed to centred in your power… in as little as two minutes. In this video recap of Day 3, of the 5 Days to Flourish Challenge, copywriting queen Emily Bauman interviews […]

Heather of Swan Love Holistics teaches energy reset practices. Feel invincible energy and meet big goals on repeat

Energy Reset Tools to Feel Invincible & Achieve Big Goals on Repeat

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Ready to live from your soul-aligned brand that books clients magnetically because it’s just so damn you? Imagine for a moment that instead of scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration or looking around on Instagram at templates, or other people’s success stories, you did one better. Can you imagine you dove into discover your own soul […]

find your soul essence brand personality discover your brand essence sp

Magnetic Branding: Find Your Soul-Essence Personality

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Ready to live from your zone of genius? Human design, along with astrology and The Gene Keys, are some incredibly potent tools to illuminate tough life decisions. They can help us identify our singular blueprints for business, relationships and prosperity. Click below to watch and learn! So instead of floundering around with trial and error, […]

Live from your zone of genius with Human Design Maven Dylan Varenhorst, interviewed by Emily Bauman the copywriting queen

How To Live From Your Zone of Genius