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To answer the age-old question “Am I the architect of my reality?” we will contemplate another question.  What is Dharma? Richard Rudd author of The Genes Keys says, “There are forces beyond our lives that set the rules, that choreograph the tapestry of our lives.” In India the ancients called this Dharma, the unique pattern […]

Do I create my reality? Excerpt from the book Messages for Starseeds by Emily D Bauman. Why am I here? How did I get here? What is my purpose?

Do I create my reality?

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Ready to live from your soul-aligned brand that books clients magnetically because it’s just so damn you? Imagine for a moment that instead of scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration or looking around on Instagram at templates, or other people’s success stories, you did one better. Can you imagine you dove into discover your own soul […]

find your soul essence brand personality discover your brand essence sp

Magnetic Branding: Find Your Soul-Essence Personality

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I’ve digested ‘em 💩 and am leaving these bad boys behind in ‘22.😂 Which ones resonate with you? I’m writing this while hosting my bad habits a goodbye-breakup-dinner here in Tulum, Mexico. After all, improvised rituals are this wordsmith-mermaid’s jam. 🎉 Like you, I know its time for a seasonal letting go of self-destructive habits. […]

how to drop bad habits with Emily Bauman creative catalyst and copywriting queen. Tulum based copywriting coach and marketing with clean energetics. Uplight marketing without manipulation or paint point sales marketing. How to sell with clean energy. Drop habits, repatterning. Break caffeine addiction.

Seven Habits I’m Leaving In Last Year