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Here's the compendium of all my word upgrade posts into one thesaurus. It started when I got tired of hearing every coach use the word JUICY to describe her offer. So I embarked on a mission to upgrade every overused word I see! 

Learn the same writing systems and energetic tools I used to raise $50 million USD for leading humanitarian agencies, launch a world-class fashion label and now use to support healers, coaches and CEO’s to publish their purpose.

I founded EmilyBauman.Co as a resource to help steer millions onto this new pathway of creative confidence and full expression. The new B.O.S.S. (Beings of Sacred Service) will feel unstoppable and ready to share their gifts with the world through my story-selling marketing and high-frequency writing systems.

Copywriting creativity &  confidence  codes

Never worry about sounding Sales-y again


Specific words can bridge our unseen worlds into shared experience. That connection is the basis of good copy. It starts with each word's frequency.

My business approach starts by realizing that words are the all-powerful vibrational code on which all life depends. Words are access codes. Language presents doorways to any emotion, experience or achievement we yearn for.  Including sales and impact. How does that work? It’s simple! Words are the building blocks of thoughts. Thoughts in turn create emotion, our energy fields and thus our life experiences.

Learning to choose high-frequency phrases and delete self-sabotaging words like “I want” which means “I lack.” That is just the beginning of your language upgrade journey.

Whether you’re looking to write a book, create and market a course, write social captions, launch a website or design a personal brand that truly emanates your soul frequency... you’ve come to the right place! 

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Why bother with the  access  codes of  conscious MESSAGING?! 

Welcome to my resource-filled space brimming with high creativity, deep confidence, and conscious copywriting. Over 12 years of cross-industry experience and spiritual soul awakening journey merges in this delightful space!


From creatively DRY to a channel of flowing, word-perfect CLARITY?
From procrastination and hesitation to owning your voice online?
Going from best-kept secret to household name status?
From stressed perfectionist to launching offerings with joy and carefree as a breeze?
From not knowing where to start, to a sure-path to launch your offer, glowing with tailored guidance?

HOW YOU SHIFT when you hang out and invest in Emily’s world. 

Are you ready to shift :

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"Emily's creative codes are inspiring. She’s magical 💫 Any spiritual leader wanting to scale up their business needs Emily in some form"

-Jojo, California 



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The New BOSS (Beings of Sacred Service) is a binge-worthy podcast inspiring new era leaders worldwide. Redefining love, spirituality and success each episode, with Emily Bauman.



B.O.S.S. //Noun “A Being of Sacred Service”